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What is a Bridge?
When teeth are missing and there are teeth on either side of the space, a bridge is one permanent method to replace the missing teeth.

These replacement teeth are attached to two crowns constructed for the teeth on either side of the open space. This is called a bridge because it bridges the open space. Although this type of 'conventional' or 'fixed' bridge is the most common, there are other options which may be more suitable for your case.

A bridge can be made from materials such as the all porcelain or the porcelain bonded to precious metal. Which type is appropriate will depend upon strength requirements and aesthetic concerns of the teeth involved.

Why would we recommend a bridge?
When a tooth is missing, aside from aesthetic concerns or a reduction in chewing ability, the teeth adjacent to the space may drift inwards and potentially change the way you bite.

If a lower tooth is missing, the opposing upper tooth may also drift down with time leading to sensitivity and possible mobility of that tooth due to a lack of bone support.

Furthermore, if cleaning in these areas becomes more difficult, decay in these adjacent teeth may result.

What is involved?
To replace the missing tooth or teeth with a bridge, diagnostic models may be taken to determine if this method is possible and if so, the optimum way to carry out it out.

Once we are ready to proceed, the teeth adjacent to the missing space are prepared, photos and a shade map are taken for the teeth, an impression or mould is taken and a temporary bridge is placed over the prepared teeth to protect it whilst the bridge is being made.

At the next visit, the temporary bridge is removed and the permanent bridge is cemented or bonded into place.


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