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Composite Restorations

What is it?
This tooth-coloured material is composed of powdered glass-like particles suspended in a resin base.

When placed into a tooth cavity, it is set hard or 'cured' using an ultra-violet light.

Why would we recommend restoring with it?
Composites provide excellent aesthetics, strength and durability.

The material is bonded to the tooth structure therefore the tooth can be prepared as conservatively as possible and as a consequence, help to restore the strength of the tooth.

Unlike the amalgam type of material which takes 24hours to set properly, the composite restoration is cured hard using the UV light. Once this has been contoured by your dentist, you will be able to chew with your tooth immediately without fear of damaging the restoration (though we strongly advise you wait for the anaesthetic to wear off).

Since the composite material is non-metallic, there is a much decreased risk of sensitivity following restoration of a tooth.


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