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Teeth Whitening

In Surgery Power Whitening

What is it?
This procedure involves a combination of hydrogen peroxide gel and a specially designed ultra violet lamp. Together, they produce the maximum whitening results in the shortest possible time.

The procedure is painless and the system we use takes just 45mins to give you a long-lasting brighter, whiter smile whilst you watch your favourite TV programme or listen to music.

What is involved?
The soft tissues of the mouth, lips, cheeks and tongue are retracted and the gum and exposed dentine of your teeth are isolated to prevent them coming into contact with the hydrogen peroxide gel or prolonged exposure to the light.

The gel is then painted onto your teeth and is activated using the UV-light for 15minutes. After this time, the gel is removed and a fresh layer of gel is applied and the procedure repeated two more times.

Is there any after-care?
Following your in surgery whitening session, we will provide you with a home whitening kit to maintain your new brighter, whiter smile. You will not need to have the in surgery whitening treatment again.


Home Whitening

What is it?
We provide you with a kit containing low sensitivity hydrogen peroxide whitening gel and your custom made upper and lower clear whitening trays.

What is involved?

Using the applicator, the hydrogen peroxide gel is 'spot-gelled' into both your upper and lower whitening trays. These are then seated onto your teeth for 15-30minutes, twice a day.

You will achieve a new brighter, whiter smile if you use your home whitening kit daily for 2-3 weeks.


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