Smile Makeovers

What is the procedure?

A beautiful smile is one of the most desirable and valuable assets you can have. Together with personality, these attributes say a lot about you and make up a large part of any first impression you may make. Having perfect teeth can really boost your self-confidence and make you more likely to smile!

You will need to book a consultation to determine exactly what treatment you will need to achieve your personal smile makeover. Feel free to share your ideas, preferences and goals with us, so your dentist could help you suggest how exactly you can reach your goal.

A complete smile makeover may include teeth whitening, porcelain laminate veneers, all-ceramic crowns and even dental implants in case you have any teeth missing. Planning is the key to success in this case. Your dentist will consider your unique characteristics such as the shape and tone of your face, your age and your desires  regarding the end result.

A smile makeover is for you if

  • You have always covered your teeth when smiling
  • You have confidence issues about your smile
  • Your profession requires flawless appearance
  • You would like to see amazing and long lasting results

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