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    Dr Shimon Dantsis has impressive experience in dental implants with more than 1000 successful treatments. He is currently taking on new implant cases in his London practice.

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    We offer 0% finance plans on all dental implant cases to make it as stress-free and affordable as possible.

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    4 Ways Dental Implants can change your life

    1. Restored chewing function to enjoy your favourite dishes
    2. Life-like aesthetics to boost your confidence
    3. No invasive treatment needed to your natural teeth
    4. A long-lasting solution to save you time, money & effort on the long run!

    What is a dental implant?

    Dental Implants are artificial tooth roots made of titanium. Their purpose is to provide a solid base for teeth restorations such as crowns and bridges. This means none of your natural teeth need to be trimmed to make a fully fixed replacement.

    The procedure starts with a surgical phase. Your dental implants are placed into your jawbones and then left to heal for a couple of months. During this period, your implants integrate with your bone, resulting in a massive and strong structure that is ready to be loaded. After the healing time is over, the prosthetic phase of your treatment begins involving a team of skilled and experienced dental technicians. This team will manufacture your restoration which will be securely fitted onto you dental implants by your dentist.

    What is the cost?

    Dental implant restorations are complex, multiple stage treatments.

    To break down each treatment phase and the costs to you, we offer an initial FREE consultation where your dentist will explain your treatment options, possible alternatives, outcomes and you are free to express any questions or concerns that may arise.

    Why Dental Implants can be the best solution for you?

    Losing teeth affects your quality of life from so many aspects. You may need to make compromises in your eating habits, confidence and desire to smile. The good news is that you don’t have to accept a less attractive appearance, because Dental Implants are here for you to regain your self-confidence and appearance.

    It looks and feels like natural teeth Unlike dentures, it is a long term solution, because it preserves the jawbone and your healthy facial structure The restoration is easy to clean, no need for major changes in your routine. It is the most secure alternative to dentures, you can eat, speak and smile confidently.

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