Full mouth restoration

What is the procedure?

Dental implants offer a variety of alternative treatment options to have a full set of teeth replaced. Previously, patients with no remaining natural teeth had no other choice but to opt for traditional, removable dentures. Dentures come with a bunch of compromises a patient has to make that largely effects their quality of life. A denture feels a lot less natural than natural teeth, covers a large portion of the soft tissues and the stability is not always great. Denture-wearers have to change their eating habits and often face with confidence issues when it comes to taking the teeth out to get them properly cleaned.

With the support of dental implants, these issues can easily be resolved!
For a full-mouth restoration your dentist will place 4 to 8 dental implants per jaw depending on the future restoration. After a couple of months of recovery, our dental lab will provide you with a restoration that is never wobbly, feels natural and comfortable We offer a variety of implant-based restorations from fully fixed zirconia or ceramic fused to metal bridges to hybrid dentures.

What are the benefits of a full-mouth restoration with dental implants?

  • Confidence in eating, speaking and smiling
  • The restoration is stable and won’t dislocate
  • Durable and long lasting when properly maintained
  • Highly aesthetic
  • Help to preserve your healthy bone structure
  • No irritation, rubbing or discomfort

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