What is the procedure?

Crowns are a trusted way to restore damaged teeth or to aesthetically improve them. They are custom-made by dental lab technicians based on impressions taken by your dentist.
The procedure starts with preparing the tooth which means they have to be trimmed to a certain shape and size. The crowns resemble natural teeth from the outside but they are hollow on the inside. They are like tiny caps that can fit on the prepared teeth stubs.

You may consider getting crowns if you have damaged your teeth in some accident, if your tooth enamel is cracked, or if you had a large cavity or a root canal treated tooth. Dental crowns are fixed restorations allowing your dentist great freedom in creating your new smile or to permanently restore a broken, decayed or cracked tooth.

The preparation procedure is carried out under local anaesthesia so all you feel is some vibration during this visit. The prepared teeth can be sensitive, so your dentist will cover them with temporary crowns until your final crowns are ready to be fitted using a really strong dental adhesive.

Crowns can be fabricated using different materials. Traditional crowns have an internal structure made of a dental metal alloy which is covered in aesthetic porcelain. These are called PFM (porcelain fused to metal) crowns. Our practice offers metal-free alternatives to PFM as well. These crown have an internal framework made of zirconia-oxide, a material that lets the light shine through making your restauration incredibly aesthetic and life-like.

You may need dental crowns if

  • Your tooth is decayed to a great degree
  • Your tooth is cracked or broken due to some trauma
  • You had a root canal treatment and the tooth needs restoration
  • You would like to aesthetically improve your smile
  • You need some bite correction.

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