What is the procedure?

Losing a tooth is never a happy moment. But that doesn’t mean it has to be a traumatic experience. In fact, when a tooth is removed by a skilled and experienced professional, it is a surprisingly pain and problem-free process.

First of all, you and your dentist shall consider many factors before deciding to have a tooth out.

Your dentist will examine your teeth and surrounding tissues, and some x-ray images will also be necessary for a proper diagnosis. If the tooth in question is in a bad condition and is impossible to save, having it extracted will benefit your general and oral health on the long run.

Teeth removals are carried out under really effective local anaesthetics. Your dentist will use a wisely selected range of high quality equipment to loosen the tooth and to take it out. You should not feel any pain during the process, however, you may experience sensations such as pressure which is completely normal. Once the tooth is taken out and the wound is cleaned and – if necessary – stitched up, you will be given detailed post-operative instructions for the upcoming days. If you manage to follow these instructions, your healing will be smooth and free of any trouble or pain. For some patients at higher risk of infections, taking a course of antibiotics may be suggested.

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