Root canal treatments

What is the procedure?

Our clinic puts a huge focus on conserving natural teeth to keep them for as long as possible. Prevention and early intervention plays a huge role in this but sometimes the condition of a given tooth deteriorates rapidly, causing symptoms like pain or swelling.
If this happens, there is no place for hesitation. We have to do what is reasonably possible to save the tooth.

The sharp, throbbing pain and the swelling of the face are all sings of an inflammation being present in one or more of your teeth. The goal of performing a root canal treatment is to cure this inflammation. In order to do that, your dentist will first administer local anaesthetics to numb the area. The coronal part of your tooth is then opened up using a dental drill to get access to the tissues inside the tooth. These tissues contain nerves and vessels and all of them need to be removed, leaving a non-vital, hollow tooth structure behind which we will temporarily fill with  a special material containing medicine to support healing .

Now it is time for your immune system to fight with the inflammation. This may take up to a few weeks while your temporary filling may be changed multiple times until the complete healingDuring this period your dentist may clean your tooth and place a new medicine filling in it. Once the inflammation is completely gone, the internal structure of the tooth will be filled using a material specifically designed for this purpose. In some particular cases, root canal treatments can be completed in a single stage. At this point, the functional and aesthetic reconstruction of your tooth can be started.


Your tooth may need a root canal treatment if:

  • You experience throbbing, excruciating pain and swelling in the jaw
  • Normal, over-the-counter painkillers won’t help anymore
  • The symptoms get worse during night
  • You notice a leakage of pus from around the tooth
  • Your dentist plans to put a crown or bridge unit on your vital tooth, a root canal may be performed for preventive reasons

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