Guided tissue regeneration (GTR)

What is the procedure?

Severe periodontal conditions are the leading reasons for tooth loss in the entire world. Periodontal disease may cause your teeth to become mobile, and eventually fall out if left untreated. While it is obviously a great threat for dental health, it also comes with compromised aesthetics. With the receding gum and bone, the teeth necks become exposed causing sensitivity and gaps forming between teeth.

To treat this condition, a surgical procedure called periodontal curettage is performed. This involves some minor incisions to be made on your gums, to access the roots of your teeth. The area is then carefully cleaned and a special membrane is placed between the bone and the gingival tissue. This helps to regenerate the soft tissues and to fill up the aesthetically unfavourable dark “triangles” between your teeth. 

What are the benefits of Guided Tissue Regeneration?

  • Helps to reinforce the tissues surrounding teeth and implants for better stability
  • Prevents tooth loss due to periodontal disease
  • Help to close the gaps between the teeth near the gum line, resulting in a more aesthetic smile
  • Effective against teeth sensitivity

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