Invisalign i7

What is the procedure?

Invisalign i7 is the right choice for you if you’d like to change your smile… just a little bit. Ideal if you don’t like the position of one or two of your teeth or if there is a tiny gap between your incisors that has always bothered you. Invisalign i7 is a perfect solution for you if you had some sort of orthodontic treatment in the past but your teeth relapsed bit.

Invisalign i7 is a set of 7 virtually invisible aligners that fit on your teeth perfectly. As each aligner shall be worn for 2 weeks, the complete treatment time for Invisalign i7 is about 3-4 months. Of course, additional aligners can be added in case you are not completely satisfied with the result after using 7 of them.

Invisalign i7 will not transform your smile completely. But if a minor issue is really bothering you, this quick treatment option is perfect to boost your self-confidence under just a couple of weeks.

What are the benefits of the Invisalign i7 treatment?

  • The aligners are virtually invisible, no need to wear a fixed device
  • No need to change the daily cleaning routine to keep the teeth clean & healthy
  • You can eat whatever you wish
  • Beautiful results with no professional compromises
  • The quickest way to treat minor orthodontic issues
  • Suitable to treat relapses from a previous orthodontic treatment

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