Multiple teeth restoration

What is the procedure?

Losing several teeth in a row may have a huge impact on the rest of your teeth. Having lost multiple teeth usually results in the changing of the chewing habits. This may cause the remaining teeth to be overloaded which shortens the life expectancy of each tooth.
To avoid that, dental implants provide a perfect solution without the need to do any irreversible damage to the rest of your natural teeth.
During the stages of treatment planning, your dentist will determine how many dental implants you will need to support your future tooth replacement – and where exactly they should be placed.
Your dental implants are placed in the right positions of your jawbone using only sterile equipment for your health and safety. After a couple of months time of healing, your implants are ready to support your fully fixed ceramic dental bridge made by a high-end dental laboratory.

What are the benefits multiple teeth replacement with a dental implant?

  • Prevents bone loss in the area
  • Protects the rest of the teeth from being overloaded
  • Fully fixed – no moving, sliding or being wobbly
  • Looks and feels like natural teeth

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