Single tooth restoration

What is the procedure?

Losing a single tooth may happen at any age. Whenever it happens, it is essential to consider having it replaced – the sooner the better! In the past few decades, dental implants are becoming more and more popular due to their numerous benefits.
For a single missing tooth, there is not better replacement option than a single dental implant topped with a custom made crown.
To plan your treatment, your dentist may need X-ray and/or CBCT images of the area. After careful planning, your dental implant will be fitted by our skilled and experienced dental surgeon under local anaesthetics, in a clinically sterile environment. This involves taking a small incision on your gums to access your jawbone below. You dental implant is then placed right into the bone. The procedure ends with closing your gums back using medical stitches.
Following this, you shall let the implant heal and fuse with your bone for 3-6 months. After your healing time, your implant will be topped with a ceramic crown to replace your lost tooth not only functionally, but aesthetically as well.

What are the benefits of a single tooth replacement with a dental implant?

  • The adjacent teeth remain intact
  • Prevents future bone & gum recession in the areaHigh success rate
  • Restores your chewing function
  • The best possible aesthetic outcome – looks and feels just like your own teeth

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